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Gemini Horoscope: June 2013

Choose Your Priorities Wisely

You're ready to take the initiative and run with it this month with the willful Sun and unstoppable Mars both traveling through your sign. Self-improvement is especially appealing with these planets in your 1st House of Personality -- but hold on to your patience, because interactive Mercury is slowing down until June 26, when it stops dead in its tracks and begins its retrograde cycle.

Mercury is Retrograde in your 1st House of Self until July 20, requiring you to retrace your steps and redo tasks you may have done hastily. Valuable Venus's move into cautious Cancer and your 2nd House of Income on June 2 also signals that you gain more when you progress at a measured pace. However, it's hard to stand still with the jumpy Gemini New Moon on June 8 within range of exuberant Jupiter. But, as is often the case, success hinges on choosing the best opportunity of the bunch before you.

Trust your intuition regarding work matters on June 11, when stabilizing Saturn in your 6th House of Employment trines visionary Neptune in your 10th House of Career. Your imagination is a powerful tool that helps you make your professional dreams come true. This supportive aspect occurred on October 10, 2012, and will return on July 19.

Financial matters are highlighted with the Sun's move into tenacious Cancer and your 2nd House of Money on June 21, marking the Summer Solstice. Solid Saturn sextiles the tightfisted Capricorn Full Moon in your 8th House of Shared Resources on June 23, encouraging fiscal responsibility. Reliable partners can help you cash in on the long-term economic benefits of fortunate Jupiter's yearlong transit of your resourceful 2nd House, starting on June 25.

Keep in Mind this Month

Concentrate your energy where it counts most in order to enhance your self-worth and increase your net worth.

Key Dates for Gemini

June 7-8: Head in the Clouds

You're more interested in chasing dreams than addressing current realities today when impulsive Mars in scattered Gemini squares diffusive Neptune. Yet cerebral Mercury's opposition to potent Pluto indicates that such careless thinking could prove costly. Spilling secrets or failing to read the fine print might undercut the trust of a business associate and lead to unnecessary expenses. Allowing yourself a few moments to wander freely can provide some much-needed break time, but when it comes to critical issues keep your mind focused on the bottom line.


June 19-20: Happy Days

Your optimism soars with the Sun's conjunction to buoyant Jupiter on June 19, expanding your vision and opening your heart to possibilities beyond the limits that currently shape your life. It is possible to turn a tiny problem into a gigantic cloud of doubt, though. Fortunately, fresh information inoculates you against fear and allows you to ride this rising tide to greater joy and recognition. Verbal Mercury and sociable Venus join in nurturing Cancer and your 2nd House of Income on June 20, helping you balance bombast with a tender touch that increases intimacy and earns you trust. A sharp eye for value is ideal for getting the most out of your abilities.

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