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Gemini Career Horoscope: June 2013

High Visibility

doses of creativity and additional drive stir up the restless side of your personality. If you have interesting tasks to engage your attention, you could be highly effective.

Active Mars in Gemini brings another boost of dynamism and entrepreneurship that may spur you to take risks. Being a leader makes sense under these conditions, but there are a couple of items of concern. First, you don't want to spread yourself too thin and make promises that will be difficult to keep. Maintaining an eye on your priorities will help to reduce such potential problems.

Second, your cerebral ruling planet Mercury is in sensitive Cancer all month, and will turn retrograde (backwards) on June 26, prolonging its stay in this emotional sign. This means that assimilating data and getting the information that you want may take longer than usual. It also reflects the need to factor feelings, yours and others', into your professional conversations. You may need to slow down to listen carefully and read between the lines during this time when facts alone are not enough to impress people. A warmer, more caring approach to colleagues, customers and potential employers can make a critical difference in your working relationships.

A flood of ideas and information comes with the Sun's conjunction to boundless Jupiter in Gemini on June 19. Yet as good as some concepts sound, avoid serious commitments until your gut instincts confirm your thinking.

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