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Gemini Love Horoscope: June 2013

Higher and Higher

Your communicative ruling planet Mercury is slowing down in sensitive Cancer all month, which adds a more serious tone to your thinking. Of course, you can still have fun, especially with the Sun in your flirtatious sign until June 20. But thinking carefully before you speak is a habit worth cultivating. This not only helps you to avoid rubbing others the wrong way but also gives you more time to delve into your own feelings so that you can discover your needs and express them more effectively.

On June 3 Mercury aligns favorably with serious Saturn and compassionate Neptune, making this an excellent time to discuss delicate subjects. The balance between responsibility and romantic dreams sets a solid foundation for deepening connections.

The New Moon in Gemini on June 8 is like a fresh breeze that stimulates hope and increases your chances for making connections. Exploring different kinds of people and experiences comes easily when you use the flexibility that is one of the major assets of your adaptable sign. This ability also comes in handy as Mercury's opposition to provocative Pluto on June 7 and stressful square with weird Uranus on June 8 can spin you around with surprising events, words and feelings that could knock you off balance.

Opening your mind to fresh ways of seeing, though, is the remedy to these issues. June 20, the solstice, is a special time because Mercury joins alluring Venus on that day, inviting sweet conversations that can attract new people and bring peace to a current relationship.

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