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Leo Career Horoscope: June 2013

Calm before the Storm

Teamwork could be critical this month with the Sun in your 11th House of Groups until June 20. Learning how to give and take with colleagues in a cooperative manner can make a difference in the quality of your work life. If you're annoyed by petty issues or ongoing bickering, it's wise to overlook them if you can. Much of what's said and a good deal of what you're worrying about might not be worth your attention. It's easy to be distracted by others and by your own wandering thoughts.

Avoid gossip at all costs because chatty Mercury is in the backbiting 12th House of Secrets where critical comments about others tend to be more frequent. You do, however, start the month with some innovation as the Sun aligns favorably with original Uranus on June 1. There is a window of opportunity that's opening widely on June 19 when the Sun joins optimistic Jupiter. This lucky transit in your 11th house is great for making connections, getting inspiration from co-workers, and putting more effort into a cause. Volunteering for a charitable organization not only warms your heart but it helps you to meet interesting people.

On June 20 the Sun enters Cancer and your 12th house, where you may be called upon to tackle tough tasks and provide support without getting all the recognition you deserve. But with lucky Jupiter beginning a yearlong stay in this private part of your chart on June 25 you gain more ground when you advance your interests quietly.

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