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Libra Career Horoscope: June 2013

Sweet to Suspicious

June rolls in with the life-giving Gemini Sun in your 9th House of Travel and Learning. Making useful connections with people in faraway places can expand your professional opportunities and additional education will contribute to your future success. Yet no matter how rational people pretend to be, there's an emotional side to work that you have to account for this month.

Your sociable ruling planet, Venus, enters sensitive Cancer on June 2 where the need to respond to others on a personal level counts a great deal. This means that you sometimes may have to set logic and reason aside to connect with people in a more intimate way.

Venus is in your 10th House of Career, which rewards you for your creativity and people skills. Just be cautious about making changes because people may tend to be more protective and territorial this month. This issue is also related to communicative Mercury in Cancer, which infuses words with feelings, is an asset for motivating others, but is also a possible point of vulnerability when tough subjects are under discussion.

Venus' favorable trine with reliable Saturn on June 7 offers good sense about people and resources and adds trust to alliances. But then Venus runs into the buzz saw of an opposition with Pluto on June 11 and square with Uranus on June 12 that's likely to rattle relationships. Suspicion about motives, secrecy and sudden changes require an adaptable attitude and open mind to catch this wave of power and brilliance rather than being wiped out by it.

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