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Pisces Career Horoscope: June 2013

Empowered Ego

Your feet might be a little itchy this month as you're either feeling restless about your career or uncertain regarding your current work situation. The Sun in mobile Gemini occupies your 4th House of Foundations until June 20, which is why the ground might not seem very solid right now. Yet you can use this transit to develop additional skills, consider other approaches to your work or even add another job to your schedule. Part-time activities that are mentally stimulating could produce a secondary source of income.

June is also good for making presentations, whether in your current place of employment or in seeking something new. Mental Mercury is in your 5th House of Self-Expression all month, which can make you a more compelling speaker. Just be yourself and don't over-dramatize because sincerity is a highly valuable commodity now.

Sociable Venus enters Cancer and your 5th house on June 2 to highlight your charm and people skills. If you're a dreamer, this can be a good time for you. That's because your imaginative ruling planet, Neptune, forms a favorable trine with constructive Saturn on the June 11. It's a pattern that lasts most of the month and helps to turn fantasy into reality. Even if you can't make your dreams come true, you can find inspiration in idealism that will contribute to your professional well-being.

Another wave of support comes on June 20 and 25 when the Sun and Jupiter enter sister water sign Cancer and your 5th house, providing confidence that encourages you to take calculated risks.

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