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Pisces Love Horoscope: June 2013

Inner Voice

A planetary shift early in the month begins to align the world with your sensitive personality. This is a process that will kick into higher gear later in the month when the Sun enters caring Cancer, a sister water sign, on June 20. But the earlier and, perhaps, bigger news is that the love planet Venus leaves witty but non-committal Gemini and moves into Cancer on June 2.

Relationships tend to become more emotional, which is more in tune with your nature. Your instincts grow sharper, allowing you to recognize your own needs more clearly and to respond to others' more effectively.

June 7 could be particularly interesting because Venus makes a harmonious trine to your imaginative ruling planet Neptune. This is a highly romantic aspect that encourages faith, compassion and creativity in matters of the heart. Although your intuition may be on target, putting it into action could be tricky.

That's because passionate Mars forms a complex square with Neptune that day. This aspect is often about chasing rainbows or exhausting ourselves going after something or someone that's not quite real. If you sense that you're on the wrong track then, you probably are, so regroup and reconsider your plan before pressing on.

Serious Saturn's trine with Neptune on June 11, which will occur again in July, is a perfect blend of reality and fantasy. This slow, long-lasting aspect is excellent for turning dreams into reality and combining common sense with idealism. Your traditional ruling planet Jupiter's shift into Cancer on June 25 encourages travel and expands your vision of the future.

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