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Scorpio Career Horoscope: June 2013

Double, then Triple-Check

Stay light on your feet during the first three weeks of the month as the jumpy Gemini Sun occupies your 8th House of Deep Sharing. Partners, allies, associates, and customers may suddenly change their minds, which is not your ideal way of doing business. Yet when you are able to make adjustments to accommodate others you will strengthen professional relationships. While Gemini is changeable and driven by ideas, emotions also play a very important role in your work life now.

Mental Mercury spends the entire month in sensitive Cancer where we tend to listen with our instincts rather than our intellects. Sociable Venus also enters Cancer on June 2, underscoring the importance of feeling your way through the day rather than just using your brain. These transits occur in your 9th House of Distant Places and Higher Learning, making these areas that can support your ambitions. The Sun joins the party when it enters Cancer on June 20 to put even more emphasis on widening your horizons. Reading and studying in areas that don't have a direct connection with your vocation will still be useful because they give you a broader picture of the world. This perspective is excellent for being strategic and making smart decisions for your future.

However, Mercury turns retrograde on June 26 and will be backpedaling in your 9th house for the following three weeks. Travel may be more complicated during this period and the likelihood for miscommunication grows. So double-check data, details and key facts to avoid these potential problems.

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