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Scorpio Love Horoscope: June 2013

Building Bridges

Messages are mixed about relationships much of this month because communicative Mercury is in sister water sign Cancer where loving Venus will enter on June 2. This pair of personal planets in such a sensitive sign aligns favorably with Scorpio's powerful emotions. Your capacity to understand and discuss intimate matters is an excellent way to visualize and create a more positive picture about future partnerships.

Yet the Sun and your traditional ruling planet Mars are in chatty, adaptable and intellectual Gemini, which challenges you to stay open and adaptable with others. Negatively, this could be about dealing with people who seem unreliable and non-committal. The changeable nature of the sign of the Twins contrasts starkly with your deep feelings and emotional focus.

Trying to adapt to the inconsistencies of others can stretch you in positive ways by making you take life a bit less seriously. But this could also feel like you're betraying yourself by hiding or denying your fundamental needs. Still, the ability to step beyond your personal limits can help you build bridges within your current relationship or create more opportunities to connect with someone new. If you can be light-hearted while remaining true to yourself, you'll come out on top.

June 11 could be a key date because the love planet Venus opposes your modern ruling planet Pluto to spur powerful emotions that can alter the course of a partnership. On June 19 the Sun joins generous Jupiter in your 8th House of Intimacy, providing you with an unexpected reward or insight.

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