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Taurus Career Horoscope: June 2013

A New Door Opens

Much of this month is about exploring economic alternatives. The adaptable Sun in Gemini is in your 2nd House of Resources until June 20, which can provide you with additional sources of income. It might require developing new skills, but adding another revenue stream will be worth the effort. This transit is also a reminder that flexibility is a critical component of professional success now.

There are several ways to address problems so if you're stuck with one approach, look for other means to resolve it. And don't be shy about asking people for their advice when you're seeking solutions. Being able to adjust to unexpected events may be necessary on June 12 when your ruling planet Venus crashes into a tense square with unpredictable Uranus. Sudden changes in working relationships, cash flow or your sense of self-worth may be upsetting. But if you're able to overcome your initial reaction and resistance to change, you could find pleasure, rewards or connections that will be surprisingly helpful.

Getting out of ruts is favored by this alignment, as it will be on June 17 when active Mars hooks up with Uranus. June 21 and 22 are good times for dealing with delicate issues. Socially sensitive Venus joins verbal Mercury to facilitate conversations that require careful handling. Talking informally is another way to learn from friends and colleagues.

Thinking about learning opportunities is worthwhile when lucky Jupiter begins its 12-month stay in your 3rd House of Information on June 25. Investing in additional education can pay dividends for many years to come.

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