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Taurus Love Horoscope: June 2013

Power Struggles

Intimate conversations become more frequent when your alluring ruling planet Venus enters caring Cancer and your 3rd House of Communication on June 2. Choose your words carefully and listen with your heart, not just your head, in this sensitive atmosphere. Developing and maintaining trust is a key to getting closer in a current relationship or in moving toward a new one.

June 7 could be a special day because Venus makes favorable connections with idealistic Neptune and realistic Saturn, which is great for making dreams come true. At the least, it provides a stable balance between openness and vulnerability on the one hand and security and setting boundaries on the other. However, there is a potential for intense communication and misdirected anger that day that is resolvable with kindness and patience.

You'll have a better sense of where you stand with someone on June 11 when Venus opposes potent Pluto. While this transit often spurs feelings of jealousy and increases sensitivity to control and power issues, it can lead you to the depths of your feelings and desires to help clarify what you want and don't want. Letting go of people, plans or values that keep you from experiencing the love you deserve isn't always an easy process but one that's worth the struggle.

Being honest with yourself (without piling up guilt, blame or regret) is a powerful step toward more fulfilling partnerships. Venus prances into flashy Leo on June 27 to bring more courage, creativity and drama to personal matters.

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