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Virgo Horoscope: June 2013

The Persistence of Illusion

The pressure for change doesn't let up this month, but you will have days when your uncertainty vanishes and even the most fleeting dreams appear vividly real. These moments, however brief, are not meant to confuse you; rather, they are opportunities to make your wishes come true.

Industrious Saturn in your 3rd House of Data Collection forms a trine to elusive Neptune in your 7th House of Partnerships on June 11, empowering you to build new structures that support your vision, ground your intuition and sharpen your instincts in business and personal relationships. However, this Saturn-Neptune trine is strengthened on June 3, when cunning Mercury creates a stabilizing Grand Water Trine with these two slow-moving planets, enabling you to make a concrete plan that can stand the test of time.

On June 7, glamorous Venus follows the pattern to trine Saturn and Neptune, enhancing the possibilities before you while giving you the patience and follow-through to see your aspirations materialize. It's the radiant Sun's turn to illuminate and crystallize your opportunities when it completes the Grant Trine on June 26, sustaining this constructive pattern throughout the month.

Meanwhile, you're eager to seek recognition in your chosen field, thanks to the restless Gemini New Moon on June 8 that emphasizes your 10th House of Career and Responsibility.

The earthy Capricorn Full Moon on June 23 lands in your 5th House of Self-Expression, encouraging you to carve out some time for creative endeavors and enjoy playtime with your inner child or the children in your world.

Mercury's retrograde turn in your 11th House of Pals on June 26 begins a three-week period of introspection, prompting you to review recent social events, reevaluate your role in organizations and rethink your goals for the rest of the year.

Keep in Mind this Month

You can minimize the stress associated with big changes by focusing your attention on a single goal and relentlessly keeping your eyes on the prize.

Key Dates for Virgo


June 7-8: Embrace the Unknown

There is more going on than meets the eye when curious Mercury opposes secretive Pluto on June 7 and squares shocking Uranus on June 8, creating some excitement and turmoil. However, procrastination abounds when forceful Mars squares confusing Neptune on June 7, dissipating your energy and reducing your ability to take decisive action. Happily, you feel loved by your friends as appreciative Venus in your 11th House of Community harmonizes with enduring Saturn and idealistic Neptune. The adaptable Gemini New Moon on June 8 showcases your ability to move back and forth between stressful periods of uncertainty and relaxing moments of peaceful coexistence.

June 19-23: Simply Irresistible

You may see opportunity everywhere you look on June 19, when the Sun conjuncts cheerful Jupiter in your 10th House of Career. You are extraordinarily persuasive and can sweet-talk your way into someone's heart on June 20, as chatty Mercury hooks up with charming Venus. The Sun's entry into self-protective Cancer and your 11th House of Groups on June 21 marks the Summer Solstice, a time when your friends and associates assume an increasingly important role in your life. However, the crafty Capricorn Full Moon in your 5th House of Love on June 23 reveals emotions that test the boundaries separating a romance from a friendship.

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