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June 2014 Career Horoscope

The devil is in the details

Little things could mean a lot this month, with tiny Mercury turning retrograde on June 7. The messenger planet will continue backpedaling until July 1, making mastery of details, information management and clear communication essential. Confusion may be more common during this period, requiring verification to be sure you're on the same page as a colleague, boss or customer. Travel issues and technology troubles can also occur with greater frequency.

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However, this Mercury Retrograde cycle is perfect for refining systems, tying up loose ends and reconnecting with people from the past. Think of it as a second chance to make a sale, pitch an idea or polish the skills you need to advance in your career. Yet, even with mouthy Mercury in reverse, the Sun blazes forth in verbal Gemini, where conversations and data multiply through June 21. There's a tendency to verbalize and intellectualize rather than to feel with the Sun in this cerebral Air sign.

The opposing Sagittarius Full Moon on June 13 is especially susceptible to spreading ourselves too thin and being overloaded with more ideas than we can use. A little editing will go a long way to eliminating distractions, allowing us to focus on priorities.

Mercury's conjunction with the Sun on June 19 aligns intellect and identity to sharpen minds and empower words with creativity and enthusiasm. The Sun's entry into season-starting Cancer on June 21 usually favors security over stimulation, however, active Mars' opposition to rebellious Uranus on June 25 kicks up several days of innovation, restlessness and resistance to following rules.

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