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June 2014 Love Horoscope

Romance in retrograde

With Mercury Retrograde for most of June, matters of the heart may get confusing this month. But it's not all bad! You may rekindle an old flame or meet someone special online! Look up your sign below to find out what's in store for your love life this June!

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Here’s a little tease for each sign:

Aries: Romantic matters will likely be kind to you early this month… Read More »

Taurus: With Venus moving through your sign for most of the month, you'll have a decided edge in matters of the heart… Read More »

Gemini: As far as you're concerned, love remains a private affair for most of the month… Read More »

Cancer: You might not feel as if communication is your strong suit this month… Read More »

Leo: You might feel your heartstrings being pulled near the Full Moon on June 13… Read More »

Virgo: As the month opens, you're likely to feel entranced and in love with your partner… Read More »

Libra: Your more erotic side will continue to be aroused for most of the month… Read More »

Scorpio: You might feel extra blessed in matters of the heart for most of the month… Read More »

Sagittarius: Mercury will turn retrograde on June 7, affecting how you think about your most intimate relationship for the entire month… Read More »

Capricorn: Although you'll enjoy several delicious planetary patterns this month to support romance, at the same time you'll need to navigate… Read More »

Aquarius: There are likely to be plenty of twists and turns to your love and social life this month, so buckle up… Read More »

Pisces: Love and all it involves might be one giant ball of confusion to you as the month begins… Read More »

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