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Aquarius Career Horoscope for June 2014

Express yourself

Your creativity and cleverness could be off the charts for the first three weeks of June. The Sun will be in chatty Gemini and your 5th House of Fun and Self-Expression until June 21, to sharpen your mind with bright ideas and empower your presentations with a popping personality.

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An issue, though, is that even if you're totally clear about what you're saying, other people might have some difficulty getting your point. The source of this potential problem is the retrograde cycle of communicative Mercury that runs from June 7 until July 1.

This is a period when messages are often muddled and misunderstanding becomes more common. Critical details can also be overlooked and facts often grow fuzzy at this time. If you have something important to say, make sure you prepare properly and verify that your audience really gets what you're talking about.

On the plus side, Mercury Retrograde is excellent for tightening up systems, refining methods and reconnecting with people from the past. The high-spirited Sagittarius Full Moon ignites your 11th House of Groups on June 13, attracting enthusiastic colleagues. Yet, there is a chance that big talk raises hopes without the necessary foundation for turning them into reality.

Alluring Venus' entry into your 5th House of Creativity adds another degree of charm and to your game on June 23. This leads to a supercharged opposition of active Mars to inventive Uranus on June 25 that sparks your independent side. Originality is a gift, but rebellion and restlessness are possible risks.

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