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Aquarius Love Horoscope for June 2014

Second chances

There are likely to be plenty of twists and turns to your love and social life this month, so buckle up and prepare for the ride! On June 7, Mercury will turn retrograde, and on June 17 he'll backpedal into your romance sector, where he'll remain retrograde until July 1. During these weeks, especially, you might find you're distracted with thoughts about an ex-lover, or that you're considering rekindling an old flame. What is most important about Mercury Retrograde in this part of your chart, however, is that you reframe your mentality in the area of love and how you give love. Are you attracting the wrong type of person over and over? If so, this pattern needs to be addressed.

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A Full Moon on June 13 might leave you with emotional news about a friend, but it could also be the catalyst leading you to make an important change about the company you keep. This will have a direct effect on your love life because making these changes will shift the type of people you surround yourself with.

There is fantastic promise in your love life, however, once we get to June 23. Venus will enter your true love sector and will remain in this part of your chart until July 18. If single, you'll have incredible prospects to meet someone special and fall in love. Remember, though -- Mercury will also be retrograde in this part of your chart until July 1. That heightens the possibility for you to give an ex-lover a second chance.

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