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Aries Career Horoscope for June 2014

Patience is a virtue

The long slog of Mars Retrograde is finally behind you as this energetic body gains speed throughout the month. Mars is your ruling planet, so you may be itching to nail down alliances, untangle knots in professional relationships and launch new enterprises. It's wise to remain patient (yes, you've been getting that tiresome advice all year) for at least another month before you start pushing harder to get what you want, though.

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Caution is called for with brainy Mercury's backward period from June 7 until July 1. This Mercury Retrograde cycle complicates conversations and diminishes the accuracy of data. It starts in your 4th House of Roots, where it may inspire you to rethink the foundation on which you're building your career. You don't have to restart from scratch, but reviewing basic assumptions and shoring up your base are recommended.

Reconnect with allies who can provide insights about your work that you're not able to see now. You don't need to have all the answers when you ask the right questions. Discretion in sharing information, however, can make the difference between earning trust or losing it, so avoid gossip.

Enthusiasm is boosted by the fiery Sagittarius Full Moon that lands in your visionary 9th House of Travel on June 13. Travel, doing business in faraway places or contemplating additional education are spurred by this lunation. Still, Mars forms a tense square with provocative Pluto on June 14 that can spur power struggles. If you're going to fight or intensify your commitment, make sure it's worth the struggle. Increasing pressure then could lead to a breakthrough or blow up when Mars opposes excitable Uranus on the June 24.

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