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Aries Love Horoscope for June 2014

Finding closure

Romantic matters will likely be kind to you early this month -- or at least benign. However, you may spend quite a bit of time thinking about -- or actually communicating with -- someone from your past. This trend begins in earnest after June 23, when love planet Venus enters your 3rd House of Information -- the message sector. She will remain in this part of your chart until July 18, offering you a special dose of grace and charm in all of your communication endeavors. Because the 3rd house also rules your mindset, it's likely that you'll find yourself dwelling on Venus ruled matters such as money, self-worth and love during this time.

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What makes it likely that you'll think about -- or even encounter -- a lover from your past will be due to Mercury Retrograde. He'll begin his backward phase on June 7, and he will re-enter your 3rd house on June 17. While Mercury and Venus won't be near the same degree, they will both infuse your 3rd house with energy at the same time. This makes the likelihood of past romantic conversations, notions and thoughts all the more probable to be front and center in your world.

It's possible you'll obtain closure with a current lover about a conversation that has never been finished or a decision that's never been finalized. It's just as likely, however, that your mind will focus on romantic notions from your past, and you may also consider talking to someone who once held your heart.

If attached, your relationship might suddenly shift on June 25, thanks to Mars opposing revolutionary Uranus, now in your sign. Your partner might decide to take swift action on a matter that leaves you quite shocked. Take your time to regroup rather than react.

On June 29, Venus will square off with Neptune, and you might feel extra confused about your romantic thoughts. Avoid any final decisions about love.

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