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Cancer Career Horoscope for June 2014

Tie up loose ends

June begins with the life-giving Sun in your 12th House of Obscurity. This could make it harder to get attention or to find the force to initiate major new projects during the first three weeks of the month. Happily, a solar shift into your sign on June 21 ignites fires of enthusiasm and ambition in your highly visible 1st House of Personality. Patience, though, is more than a virtue this month; it's a necessity.

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Further evidence of the importance of acting cautiously comes from Mercury Retrograde in Cancer starting June 7. This reversal of the communication planet in your sign can slow the flow of information and increase the likelihood of misunderstandings. Double-check data and details before making definitive statements or committing to any ideas.

Mercury Retrograde does offer second chances to state your case and make connections. Tidying up loose ends in your personal life now can also lay down a smoother path for professional advancement later.

The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 13 lands in your 6th House of Employment to stir feelings of restlessness on the job. The desire for more inspiring work can spur you to seek additional training, although aiming too high without proper preparation is a potential risk.

Intense effort and concentration can help you push through obstacles within a day or two of June 14, when assertive Mars crosses swords with potent Pluto. Yet, this is also a period when a minor mishap or conflict could bog down into a major problem, so be selective about where you invest your energy.

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