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Cancer Love Horoscope for June 2014

Sleep on it

You might not feel as if communication is your strong suit this month -- especially if there are vital conversations you need to have with your partner. On June 7, Mercury Retrograde begins in your sign, and it will remain retrograde until July 1. If you find it's difficult to get your thoughts across to your mate accurately, don't be so hard on yourself. Try writing down what you want to say first, or giving yourself extra time alone to mull over what it is you truly want to say. If you and your partner have any important decisions to make, try to hold off until next month before finalizing them. If that is not possible, at least agree to sleep on it before you move forward.

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Despite the communication snafus, you will have several bright spots for love this month. June 4 might bring a romantically inspiring social adventure. June 8 should prove to be a positively transforming day for you and your partner, as well. You might decide to become business partner as well as lover, or you and your mate might ally to help support each other as you reach to attain a mutual goal. June 18 will be a very lucky day for love, thanks to Venus making a gorgeous link to Jupiter, still in your sign. You can do no wrong on matters of the heart on any of these days!

The one troublesome day in romance may occur on June 13. This will affect you if you're single, if you're having an affair, or if you're dating someone where circumstances prevent you from seeing each other as often as you'd like. On this day Venus will oppose Saturn, and you might feel extra lonely or that you're not appreciated by your lover. Thankfully, this will pass quickly.

On June 23, love planet Venus will enter your 12th House of Privacy, and you might crave extra down time with your lover. You won't want to advertise information about your love life, either, preferring to keep private affairs private. If there is a clandestine love affair happening in your world, you might feel extra disappointed on June 29. Cultivate loving one another on a more spiritual level until July 18. This will fulfill you the most.

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