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Capricorn Horoscope: June 2014

Let it go

If you feel like you're getting mixed signals from a partner early this month, you're not losing your mind. No, it's Mercury Retrograde, which begins in your relationship sector on June 7. With the planet of communication backpedaling here until June 17, you might notice there are extra misunderstandings between you and your mate or a business partner. Be patient.

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After June 17, Mercury will move into your work sector, where he'll remain retrograde until July 1. You'll have an opportunity to revise work until it gleams, although you may feel quite frustrated over the amount of "do-overs" you're required to complete. Still, this will improve the quality of what you produce ultimately. Stick with it.

On June 13, a Full Moon in your 12th House of Privacy might leave you feeling extra anxious. If anything is troubling you during this time, consider talking to a trusted counselor or friend. Let it go.

On June 23, Venus enters your work sector and will remain here until July 18. If single, an office romance might begin to blossom. You might also meet someone you find captivating at the gym or while waiting to see a doctor or other health care provider. This person may also be involved in the health or fitness industry.

Lastly, on June 27, a New Moon in your partnership sector will help you solidify a fresh start with a VIP client you've been trying to nab or with a business ally. If married, you'll see an improvement in the state of your relationship.

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