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Gemini Horoscope: June 2014

Take your time

Life might seem to slow down for you this month, thanks to your ruling planet, Mercury, turning retrograde on Saturday. At first, this Mercury Retrograde phase will likely have you second-guessing your decisions about money management. Until June 17, it'll be a good idea to reassess this area of your world because you're likely to pick up on any errors in personal accounting or budgeting mishaps that are affecting you.

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After June 17, Mercury Retrograde will slip back into your sign, which might be extra tricky. It'll be difficult for you to communicate to others in the way you intend until July 1. You might also feel as if you need extra time to think things through, and if so be sure to honor it. Making decisions due to feeling pressured or backed into a corner will only lead to regret down the road.

In the meantime, partnership matters may come to a head near June 13, when a Full Moon falls in your relationship sector. You might discover something about a partner -- in business or personal life -- that prompts a new level of awareness about this person and your role in his or her life. You might not like it.

At least you'll have Venus blessing your sign after June 23. From then until July 18, you'll enjoy an extra boost of confidence and sociability that allows you to charm others with ease. If single, you may attract plenty of admirers, and if attached your magnetism will be no less alluring.

A New Moon on June 27 may open up a fantastic opportunity to enhance your earning power. Take it.

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