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Libra Love Horoscope for June 2014

A small slice of heaven

Your more erotic side will continue to be aroused for most of the month, thanks to Venus moving through your 8th House of Intimacy until June 23. On June 4, you might decide it's better for your overall well-being to share one of your fantasies with your mate, rather than continue to keep all of them to yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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Then, on June 8, your emotional bond will continue to strengthen, thanks to the incredible trust you're able to place in your partner. On June 13, however, you might feel worried about needing to rely on your partner's money more than you'd like to if there is a major expense you cannot carry on your own. Try not to blow this out of proportion. Recognize that in a partnership it's normal for each of you to take turns helping the other in time of need. As a Libra, you seek constant fairness and balance. However, it appears your mate doesn't mind being relied on or needed more. Just remember to extend your appreciation.

After June 23 and until July 18, you might crave more enlightenment in matters of the heart. If single, you're likely to feel attracted to someone who can expand your horizons intellectually, culturally or philosophically. If married or in a relationship, this will be an ideal time to consider traveling abroad with your partner. A romantic vacation will feel like a little slice of heaven.

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