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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for June 2014

Clear the air

Mercury will turn retrograde on June 7, affecting how you think about your most intimate relationship for the entire month. This will be an important time to reconsider your position on certain matters -- and to possibly receive closure with your mate on any differences you might have.

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From June 7-17, the main focus will be joint finances and intimacy. If you feel like you can't trust each other in either area, you might have more of a problem navigating through these days. A miscommunication by one of you about your financial or sex life might be taken to heart if the other party perceives it as a lie or betrayal. Be as clear and honest as you can about these matters, and if you have kept anything from your partner that you know you shouldn't have, this will be the time to clear the air.

Remember, a lie of omission is still a lie. You might have thought you were protecting your lover by not revealing something personal about your life that he or she has the right to know about. If you are honest with yourself, however, you might admit that in reality you were only trying to protect yourself. Remember, a true commitment requires vulnerability and transparency. If you're not ready for this, there might be some trouble this month in your love life. A Full Moon in your sign on June 13 amplifies the emotional sensitivity of a relationship situation for you.

After June 17 and until July 1, Mercury will retrograde through your relationship sector. If you and your mate are having trouble talking things out on your own, consider couples counseling during this time. You might have a breakthrough.

In fact, love planet Venus wants to help you after June 23. She'll enter your relationship sector and will remain in this part of your chart until July 18. If the communication snafus between you and your mate are fixable, you can be certain you will get through this phase and your relationship will be stronger than ever.

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