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Scorpio Horoscope: June 2014

When opportunity knocks...

If you're enrolled in a university, or if you're studying for a certification or license, you may have a difficult time focusing this month. You might also have a misunderstanding with your professor that leads to frustration. Then, after June 17, you might have to contend with a delay or mishandling of paperwork needed to file for a student loan, line of credit or mortgage. If possible, don't sign financial documents until next month.

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On June 13, you might feel especially insecure about finances -- and a source of income might dry up for you. Try not to panic. In fact, there is promising news that after June 23 and until July 18 you'll have extraordinary support from money that comes to you from sources besides your own income. This could be a loan from someone, an inheritance, or even money that is paid to you in royalties or dividends from an investment.

On June 27, a breakthrough is possible in the educational frustration you've been feeling. If you're not studying for anything, you may have an opportunity to travel overseas. Take it!

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