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Scorpio Love Horoscope for June 2014

Close encounters

You might feel extra blessed in matters of the heart for most of the month. Venus will continue to tour your relationship sector until June 23, allowing you and your partner to enjoy a lovely phase of harmony. Adding further support to this bliss will be the fact that Venus will connect beautifully to other key planets during the month. On June 4, she'll embrace Neptune, offering the potential for a sublime romantic encounter. You might feel like you're living a fairytale on this day! Then, on June 8, Venus will collide with Pluto, intensifying your desire for someone special -- as well as your ability to communicate it.

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There might be a slight rub in romance on June 13, when Venus opposes Saturn, now in your sign. This doesn't need to be a wet blanket over your love life, however, what might happen is that you'll feel more willing to accept responsibilities connected to being in a relationship. You realize it's time to carry your weight in a partnership, but you'll do so with extraordinary commitment and discipline. This may be one of those days where love feels like work, but it'll also remind you that what you have is solid.

Don't worry, because romance is back on track for June 18, when Venus embraces Jupiter. This is the "lucky in love" transit that might help you meet someone special if single. If attached, you and your mate will enjoy indulging one another with flattery, gifts, or (in this case) you might even decide to splurge on a romantic vacation together.

Love planet Venus will enter your 8th house on June 23, and Mercury will have been retrograde in this same area of your chart since June 17. Expect to revise financial plans with your partner, and to have a conversation that might feel difficult at first but will ultimately lead to mutual benefit.

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