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Taurus Love Horoscope for June 2014

The law of attraction

With Venus moving through your sign for most of the month, you'll have a decided edge in matters of the heart. Not only will you feel more beautiful and confident, but it'll be easier for you to attract others. Allure and magnetism are second nature to you now! On June 4, your social encounters will be especially sweet and inspiring. Whether you spend time in a group setting with your partner or if you attend a party solo, you're sure to attract plenty of attention.

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On June 8, you'll enjoy a day of potent desire. The power of love can truly take you to new heights if you're open to the possibilities. If you're married or in a committed relationship, expect a test near June 13. With commitment comes responsibility, and on this day you might not like what your partner demands of you. Still, if you're in love this will be an obligation you'll need to take on willingly.

On June 18, romance is sweet once more, thanks to a blessed link between Venus and Jupiter. You and your lover could make a profitable decision together or you might simply enjoy a delightful conversation together. Either way, love will be yummy on this day.

On June 23, Venus will kiss your sign goodbye and move onto another area of your chart. Until July 18, she'll focus on building your self-worth and allowing you to maximize your talents. Don't allow your lover to talk you into loaning money to a friend or group endeavor on June 29; it'll be money lost. If single, think twice on this day before turning a friendship into a romance. You may be sorely disappointed.

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