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Virgo Career Horoscope for June 2014

Extra effort

You might feel like a juggler keeping several professional balls in the air at the same time this month. That's because June begins with the Sun in multi-faceted Gemini and your 10th House of Career. This is sure to keep you busy, but it might make it hard to feel as grounded or competent as you'd like. Establishing priorities regarding your work-related tasks will reduce confusion and increase efficiency.

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This solar transit lasts until June 21, and it offers you opportunities to demonstrate adaptability and a diversity of skills that raise your profile on the job. There is, however, the complicating matter of Mercury, your cerebral ruling planet, turning retrograde on June 7. This reversal occurs in your 11th House of Colleagues, making clarity with co-workers a critical issue until the messenger planet returns to forward motion on July 1.

Take what you hear from others with a grain of salt during this period, and don't assume they understand you very well. Putting in the extra effort to double-check important messages and key details now will save you plenty of time and energy later.

The fiery Sagittarius Full Moon on June 13 lands in your 7th House of Others to attract enthusiastic and visionary individuals who, alas, may promise more than they can deliver.

Mercury buzzes back into Gemini and your 10th House on June 17, increasing the potential to spread yourself too thin. That said, Mercury's conjunction to the Sun on June 19 is excellent for clear thinking, clever decision-making and precise communication.

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