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Virgo Love Horoscope for June 2014

The power of love

As the month opens, you're likely to feel entranced and in love with your partner. On June 4, Venus will embrace Neptune, now in your relationship sector. If married or in a committed union, you and your mate are likely to delve into your spiritual connection, which will only draw you even closer to one another. Romance continues to thrive on June 8, when Venus and Pluto connect favorably. These two planets promise a transcendent love experience when at a friendly angle. The power of love will be felt intensely between you and your sweetheart. Nothing will get in the way of your bond.

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On June 14, however, you might experience a bit of trouble in paradise. If you feel that your sweetheart is trying to control your finances, this will become a problem. He or she might also attempt to manipulate you into spending a great deal of money on something you'd rather not. Hold your ground.

In the midst of everything else happening this month, your ruler, Mercury, will turn retrograde on June 7 and will remain out of phase until July 1. Initially, you'll feel this muck up your social life and plans, which could prove to be frustrating in your romantic life as well. Miscommunication between you and a friend is possible, so don't even bother to ask your pal for advice about your love life during this time. You might give or receive mixed signals.

After June 23, you might develop a crush on someone in a position of authority connected to your career. Proceed with caution, at least until after July 1.

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