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June 2015 Horoscope

A lucky streak

A Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 2 might leave you concerned with the greater meaning of life. Make time to indulge your inner philosopher, so that you may connect with a new level of awareness and personal enlightenment.

On June 5, Venus will enter Leo and until July 18 you'll enjoy the very best of spring and summer love potential. Venus in Leo is all about loving with an open heart and on the grandest scale. Lavish displays of affection will be the rule and you can expect to enjoy everything that makes you smile in life with greater ease.

Mercury turns direct on June 11 after having been in retrograde since May 18. With Mercury now regulating her orbit in clever Gemini, all communication mishaps will begin to resolve, much to your relief. Adding to the communication goodness is a brilliant New Moon in Gemini on June 16. This lunation will be closely linked to Mars, adding an extra "oomph" to any communications-related projects that you want to launch. Now is the time to set the wheels in motion for an important contract, negotiation or sales pitch.

The Summer Solstice begins on June 21. To celebrate, on June 22, we'll enjoy the most delicious combination between Jupiter and Uranus, offering sudden lucky potential for everyone in a certain area of life. Make the most of this amazing event!

Mars will enter into Cancer on June 24, remaining in this tender sign until August 8. The urge to fight for your family will be strong, but your way of fighting might not be conducive to how Mars prefers. Instead of taking direct action, you'll be more likely to use passive or sideline techniques to get what you want. Still, emotional passion will fill the air no matter what it is you're going after.