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June 2015 Love Horoscope

The greater meaning

Your views on the greater meaning of life will come into focus near the Full Moon on June 2 and along with that you may begin to wonder if your love shares your most core beliefs. On certain matters, it'll be ok to have a difference of opinion but if it's about something deeply meaningful you may second guess your long term compatibility. Be honest. The good news is that with some real communication, the two of you have every possibility of sharing the joys of couple hood even if you have opposite views on religion, spirituality or some other major philosophy. Again, the key is communication -- something you're both more than capable of after Mercury turns direct on June 11.

On June 5, love planet Venus enters Leo where she'll remain until July 18. Pay close attention to what begins to happen in your love life -- especially near the end of this cycle. Venus will turn retrograde in July and by August she will be back into Leo. She'll ultimately travel back 14 degrees of Leo before turning direct. It is critically important to notice what develops in your love life starting June 21. When Venus reaches this degree she will later turn direct at after her retrograde phase is complete. Developments that occur starting the second half of this month into next month, will give clues as to what you and your sweetheart may have to work on during the impending Venus retrograde cycle.

Having said this, during most of June, matters of the heart should be a joyful combination of stable and invigorating. Look to June 6 for heartwarming security in romance. If single, pay attention to June 29, Venus will trine Uranus and someone special might sweep you off your feet.