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Cancer Horoscope: June 2015

A focus on career

A hefty work project might reach completion near June 2 -- much to your relief. This endeavor has required a great amount of mental energy and although you'll be proud of your accomplishment, you'll also be glad to have it finished. Another possibility is that you'll hear news of a colleague's departure early this month. It may be bittersweet. On the one hand, you'll miss your coworker, but on the other, you'll look forward to the infusion of new energy that it'll bring to the team once his or her replacement is hired.

Finances look bright between June 5 and July 18, so if you're hoping to ask for a raise or make a competitive bid on a freelance assignment this is the time to do so. Make a move close to June 6 or on June 29 for your best results. The end of the month will also be ideal to showcase your more eccentric talents to a VIP. He or she will surely notice!

Your subconscious mind might be on information overload lately. Memories or experiences that you may have preferred to forget have been bubbling to the surface for you to face and although uncomfortable, a breakthrough is possible near June 11. In fact, you'll be ready for a psychological fresh start after June 16 because you will have decided not to allow your past to hold you back any longer from your future. Good for you!

On June 24, Mars enters your sign for the first time in nearly two years. Until August 8 you will truly be unstoppable.