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Capricorn Love Horoscope for June 2015

Great rewards

If you're partnered up, expect a major focus on joint finances between June 5 and July 18. The news looks good -- and it's likely that your mate will see an increase in his or her earnings. Another possibility is that the two of you will see a nice return on a mutual investment.

You'll also feel free to explore your more erotic side this month. You won't be shy about sharing your deepest needs and fantasies with your partner and that can only enhance your capacity to achieve true intimacy together. The deeper you're willing to go on June 6, the greater the reward.

Expect things to really spice up after June 24 when Mars enters your partnership sector and will remain there until August 8. Mars likes to heat up whatever it touches and in your case, it'll be the relationship dynamic. The best way to use this energy is for you and your partner to work passionately together to achieve a shared goal. There is, however a potential trouble spot when Mars tours your 7th house. During these weeks you and your partner might argue more than usual because you'll both want what you want. This can lead to frustration but if you're willing to work through it there is a silver lining; the make-up sex will be off the charts!