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Gemini Horoscope: June 2015

Emotional attachments

The emotional attachment you have to the "ideal" of your relationship may be a focus early this month. Near June 2, you might feel extremely connected to your partner but wonder if this bond is an accurate reflection of your relationship -- or if it's merely based on your level of hope for the union. If you're more attached to the dream of a relationship than its reality, then this might be a time of painful awakening. If, however, you're in love and it's all real and true, this can be quite fulfilling for you and your partner.

From June 5 until July 18, you'll have a brilliant edge in communicating with grace and flair. Be sure to use it to your advantage as you pursue any type of writing, speaking, sales endeavor, or to negotiate an important contract. This will be even better for you after June 11 when Mercury turns direct in your sign. Your mind will snap back into clarity like a rubber band in the days that follow. In fact, a New Moon in your sign on June 16, will herald a fresh start for you mentally, physically and personally. What kind of new beginning are you ready for? The sky's the limit!

Watch your finances between June 24 and August 8. Expenses may flare up and you might need to direct funds towards a bill you wish didn't exist. Instead of getting angry, make a plan.