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Leo Love Horoscope for June 2015

A crucial turning point

Pay attention to the events that begin to unfold this month -- especially as they connect to romance. By the fall, you're likely to look back on this month as a crucial turning point; one that might have far reaching consequences. It all begins with a Full Moon in your 5th House of True Love on June 2. Full Moons bring emotions to the forefront and often, there is a certain level of awareness about matters connected to the house where that Full Moon falls. In your case, you might finally see the light about a romantic situation you're in. If you're casually dating someone and realize that it's not going anywhere, you will likely make a decision to end things. However, if you're in a position where you are dating someone and this person is becoming more important, you may realize that you're actually falling in love.

Your self-image, level of confidence and how it all connects to your love life will also become a major theme -- especially after June 5 when Venus enters Leo. Until July 18, Venus will move forward in your sign making you the "fairest of them all." If you are thinking about doing anything to spruce up your physical appearance be sure to act within this time frame. By late July, Venus will turn retrograde and in August will retrograde through your sign. Venus Retrograde cycles are never a good time to get cosmetic surgery, make major purchases or begin a brand new love relationship.

If you're single however, this month could bring you a new love interest -- or at least someone on your radar worth getting to know. It will be crucial to pay close attention to whomever you meet this month. Whatever develops is likely to become noteworthy (for better or worse) once Venus turns retrograde next month. Stay tuned!