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Libra Love Horoscope for June 2015

Finding love

Expect positive developments in your love life this month -- and while you're at it, anticipate a fantastic boost to your social life! On June 5, Venus will enter your 11th house. This is the area of your chart that connects to your social hub, ruling friendships, groups, organizations as well as your greatest hopes and wishes. If finding love happens to be on your wish list, you'll have amazing support to help realize that dream now.

You probably won't have to look very far. One of your friends might offer to set you up with someone and if this happens, you should immediately accept. Or it's possible that one of your friends will reveal that he or she has feelings for you that are more romantic in nature. There's a strong possibility that the chemistry is mutual and it would be a great month to explore what might happen when a friend turns into a lover.

Social media or an internet dating website might also be your key to finding love now -- keep your options open! A special conversation with someone at a party or other social event on June 6 might lead to something more. On June 29, an electrifying encounter in love is possible -- whether you're single or attached!