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Pisces Horoscope: June 2015

In the spotlight

As the month opens up you may be in the spotlight professionally. Near June 2, you might be presented with an award, honor or other form of recognition for your achievements to date. Bask in the glory -- you've earned it!

Your daily routine on the job will also become more enjoyable this month thanks to Venus moving into your work sector on June 5. Until July 18 you will notice an atmosphere of extra harmony between you and colleagues or those you employ. In addition, you might be assigned to a project that you absolutely love working on. It'll make the most of your specific talents, which will also help you shine even brighter in the eyes of a VIP. You'll notice this as early as June 6!

If you and a relative have been sending each other mixed signals, a conversation that will help you both reach clarity after June 11 is possible. In addition, you might have a fresh opportunity in a domestic matter that surfaces after June 16. If you're thinking about a move or major change at home, wait until after this time to initiate it.

Last but not least, summer will kick off on a very special note for you. Mars, the planet of action, enters your 5th House of Pleasure for the first time in two years on June 24. Until August 8 you'll have only one priority -- FUN.