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Scorpio Love Horoscope for June 2015

A serious focus

Expect a serious focus on your personal life this month. You might need to re-evaluate your commitments, particularly the one you have with your significant other. On June 14, Saturn, the planet of lessons and structure, will move back into your sign to offer his "last licks" in terms of a vital karmic lesson you've been working through. From October 2012 until late December 2014 Saturn was in your sign demanding that you create a solid sense of personal identity and that you take your responsibilities seriously. In many ways he was ordering you to "grow up" -- even if you have been living life as an adult for ages already.

Saturn moving through your sign most likely brought pivotal revelations about your personal limits as well as your relationship limits. Although you may have thought you learned what you needed to over the last few months, Saturn will now go back into your sign where he'll remain until September 17. Think of this as the ultimate test. Saturn wants to know how much you've grown and whether or not you're handling your obligations with the maturity he helped you gain over the last few years.

These weeks may prove to be quite defining and rewarding. Commitments made during these weeks to someone you love will surely stand the test of time. You may also decide to renew your vows if you've been married for a long stretch of time already.