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Taurus Horoscope: June 2015

Gaining clarity

Clarity about a debt situation might be closer than you think. Near the Full Moon on June 2, you might come to terms with having to pay off a loan, credit card, insurance bill or other debt that you thought you might not have to. Although there have been quite a few ups and downs in this area of your life recently, the only way to deal with any blows to your budget is head on. You'll know for sure early this month. Instead of worrying excessively over what you can't change, use your signature practicality to carve out a workable solution.

Thankfully, home and family matters will get even sweeter after June 5, allowing you to focus on what's most important. Use the boost of your ruler, Venus, touring your domestic 4th house to expand on already harmonious conditions between you and relatives. Peace prevails until July 18.

You'll certainly gain a clearer mental picture on your financial situation after June 11 when Mercury turns direct in your earned income sector. All of the confusion about where to put your money first WILL sort itself out. Again, stop worrying and start planning.

In fact, a gorgeous New Moon in the same area of your chart will light up opportunity for cash flow after June 16. Use it well.

The courage to speak up for anything that is important to you will be apparent after June 24. Until August 8, you'll have plenty of mental stamina and intellectual muscle to put behind new ideas and plans. If you're in the communications or sales industries, you might do your most pioneering work now.