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Taurus Love Horoscope for June 2015

A focus on relationships

You may want to spend more time at home this month with your sweetheart. You'll want to have fun together, but starting June 5, it appears that you're more interested in having fun at home than partying with friends. There might be plenty of family related events and parties coming up this month that you and your love plan on attending together. If so, you'll enjoy every moment!

If you're in a fairly new relationship, this will be the ideal month to consider introducing your new flame to your family. He or she will make a grand impression on your relatives and their approval is likely. If things have progressed in your relationship and your love already knows your clan, then you might consider introducing the families to each other. Why not throw a meet and greet style BBQ at your place to have everyone get to know each other in a casual, low pressure atmosphere? Everyone will have a great time!

Another possibility is that you and someone you're dating will decide it's time to set up house together. This will be a wonderful time to move in with your lover. Consider doing this near June 6, when Venus makes a solid trine to Saturn, now in your 8th House of Shared Resources. Co-mingling funds and sharing bills will be an easy thing to figure out during this time.

After June 14 Saturn, the planet of karmic lessons, will dip back into your partnership sector for just a few weeks until September 17. This will be a pivotal time in relationship matters. In some cases, a commitment will form that can stand the test of time. If, however, you've been wavering on a decision about whether or not to leave an unhealthy relationship, you will have to face the facts now. Saturn demands it.