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Virgo Horoscope: June 2015

Back on track

If you have your house on the market, it's possible that you'll sell it early this month. A bright Full Moon on June 2 in your 4th House of Home Life can signal a shift in real estate matters and possibly even a move. Although you may hear emotionally charged news from a relative during this time, for the most part your attention will happily focus on your domestic world.

Matters of the heart will become more of a private affair for you after June 5 and until July 18. You might crave extra time alone with your sweetie and if so, do what you can to honor this need. Perhaps there has been too much drama lately in your outside world and you're ready to retreat into a solitary love bubble with your mate. This would be a great time to take a spa retreat or other couple's type vacation together.

Professional matters will get back on track after June 11 once Mercury turns direct and begins to regulate his orbit. If you've stumbled on your words more than usual around your boss recently, now you'll have a chance to make things right. In fact, a gorgeous new opportunity might arise after June 16. This will be a great time to set a new career goal and plant the seeds to make it happen.

Your social life also gets a boost from June 24 until August 8. You might have so much activity happening, that it's hard to keep track of all of the parties and events you're invited to. Prioritize your schedule and make peace with the fact that it'll be impossible to make all of your friends happy during this time. You're in high demand!