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Aquarius Horoscope: June 2016

Revived romance

If you're single, pay attention to whomever you meet after June 4, when a New Moon falls in your romance sector. Venus will also be in this same part of your chart until June 17, giving you even more potential for a heartfelt connection with someone special.

If you're already attached, you and your partner will enjoy a phase of harmony between you that feels like you're in the initial, exciting, butterflies-in-your-stomach stage of your romance. You might even make more of an effort to date your partner now, and that will improve your bond even more.

If you have any children there could be a lovely development for one of them, and you'll want to celebrate! Thinking about starting a family? This month could be the time something magical happens.

A friend might need your emotional support near June 20. Do what you can to help him or her without compromising your own integrity in the process. It's not certain this will happen, but if you discover that your pal has made an unsavory choice, it might be more difficult to empathize with the situation he or she is in.

Finally, Mars turns direct on June 29, right in your career sector. Finally, you'll be able to move professional mountains again. Success is near!

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