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Libra Horoscope: June 2016

Making meaningful changes

If you're thinking about going back to school to pursue an advanced degree or obtain a license or certification, act after the New Moon on June 4. This lunation will help support your intentions for an advanced education in a remarkable way. The only problem you might have is not being able to decide where you want to focus your mental energy. You may have more than one area you're interested in studying. Determine which path will lead to the greatest success for you in the long run and then act accordingly.

From June 17 through July 12, your ruling planet, Venus, will be at the top of your chart, helping to support your career efforts in the most extraordinary way. You'll be favored in the eyes of any VIP and will surely hear more praise and validation than usual. If you have an opportunity to apply for a promotion during this time you should.

Mars turns direct on June 29 in your earned income sector, after having been retrograde since April. You'll notice that you have your ambition back to pursue all of your financial goals. If you've felt stuck in terms of how much money you have to work with in order to meet your expenses, now there will be an opportunity for you to pursue meaningful changes.

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