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Pisces Horoscope: June 2016

Home is where your heart is

Your focus this month will be primarily on domestic matters. Expect changes -- but thankfully, they appear to be positive. On June 4, a New Moon will fall in your home and family sector. As a result, you might be ready to begin searching for a new house or apartment. It's also possible that you and your sweetheart will move in together. If you're not moving in together, you might introduce your lover to your family for the first time. Regardless of your relationship status, this will be a time of enhanced harmony between you and your clan. You might also begin a decorating project, and if so, you'll love the end result.

If you are single, pay attention to the vibes you might get from someone special after June 17. Starting that day and until July 12, Venus will tour your romance sector. Love could most certainly be in the air!

A Full Moon at the top of your chart on June 20 signals an emotionally-charged turning point in your career. This could be connected to you receiving an award or special honor. Then, on June 29, Mars will turn direct after having been retrograde since mid-April. A stalled legal matter will finally pick up speed.

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