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Virgo Horoscope: June 2016

Find your calling

A New Moon at the top of your chart on June 4 signals a promising career opportunity. You might be in a position to apply for a promotion. A VIP will appreciate your talents in a magnificent way thanks to Venus also touring your career sector until June 17. Alternatively, you might set your sights on a brand new professional goal that you'll begin to pursue. If you haven't yet found your true vocation, you might finally gain the clarity you need to see what you're best suited for. The best part of this lunation is that you'll see how versatile your talents are, and you will most definitely know your worth.

On June 20, a Full Moon in your home and family sector suggests completion in a real estate matter. If you're buying or selling a home, you'll tie up all the loose ends now. Another possibility is that you'll hear emotionally charged news from one of your relatives. If this happens, try your best to lend support where you can.

On June 29, Mars turns direct after having been retrograde since April 17. This will help you find your voice once more if you feel as though it has somehow been silenced due to various circumstances over the last few weeks.

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