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Capricorn Horoscope: June 2017

Talking it out

Your relationship will be top priority this month. Not only are you motivated to work on moving past any rough patches with your partner, but you'll also know that the only way to do so is to actually have the argument you need to. Avoiding it will not be a viable solution because sweeping anything under the rug this month will only lead to more problems. The good news is that you won't be afraid of the arguments; in fact, you might be the one who initiates it. The making up part will certainly be worth it in the end!

This might also hold true for a business relationship. You'll be motivated to get your way more than usual, however, so be aware that it might be difficult to reach any compromise. Still, your intention is to move past any differences by addressing them head on.

If you're single, there's a bright opportunity for romance ahead. Venus will tour your true love sector from June 6 - July 4, helping to support positive dating experiences and a heart-opening encounter with someone special. In addition, your relationship with any children will be extra harmonious during this time. Working on any creative endeavors will be especially fulfilling, and you might even be tempted to take a small but calculated risk with your money.

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