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Leo Horoscope: June 2017

Divine downtime

You might begin the month wondering where all of your energy went. Or, it's possible that you'll feel the same, but won't be able to make a splash in the magnanimous way you're accustomed to. If this happens, don't worry -- it's all part of a greater cosmic plan.

From June 4 - July 20, Mars, the planet of drive, will travel through the most hidden area of your chart, the mystical 12th house. As a result, you're likely to be spending more time on your inner development rather than your outer self. Another possibility is that you will be just as busy as ever, but instead of working on projects you're able to brag about, you'll have to keep what you're doing under wraps. Although this isn't your typical style, you can be sure that after next month your discretion will pay off in the most amazing way. Your time will arrive in August.

In the meantime, this might be a great opportunity for you to rest up and recharge whenever possible so that you might prepare yourself for the burst of frenetic energy that will take over your life after July 20. Go on vacation if you can. In fact, a fulfilling romantic or recreational experience is possible near June 9.

A love relationship you're in may either deepen or fall apart, depending on where you and your sweetheart stand as the month opens up. If you're feeling as if something in this relationship is missing, then you'll need to be honest with yourself and move on. Remember, major changes are around the corner. This is your month to prepare.

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