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Scorpio Horoscope: June 2017

Take it to the next level

The love connection you share with your partner is about to get sweeter. From June 6 - July 4, Venus will tour your relationship sector, adding harmony and grace to your union. If you are dating someone this might be a time when you decide to deepen your commitment to one another. You might become engaged, move in together, or even tie the knot. Another possibility is that you have your sights set on partnering up with someone in business. This person is practical and dependable, and the relationship you generate will likely be mutually beneficial both financially and otherwise. Go for it!

A Full Moon near June 9 might lead to expenses that you didn't see coming connected to one of your children. This won't be a major setback, but you might feel a sense of money slipping through your fingers over having to pay for something you hadn't planned on.

Your attention will focus more on educational or spiritual pursuits this month as well. You might want to go back to school to study for an advanced degree, license, or certification. Or, you may elect to sign up for an online class that will help you learn more about a topic you've been interested in for a while. This energy is strong from June 6 - July 20, but a New Moon on June 23 will likely set things in motion.

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