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Aries Love Horoscope for June 2018

Go slow!

Whether you're single or attached, romance is certainly on the horizon this month, Aries. Venus will move into your true love sector on June 13 and remains here through July 9. It's an exciting time when Venus enters this area of your chart because your heart is truly ready for love now. You want to experience all the warmth, passion, excitement, and joy that can come your way when you begin dating someone and are getting to know each other. If you're already dating someone, it's likely that this will be an ultra-fun time for the two of you; you are also likely to exchange heartfelt declarations of love for one another. If you are in a committed partnership such as marriage or other cohabitation, then you might spend more time over the next several weeks pursuing pleasurable activities together. Maybe it's as simple as making a weekly date night a priority, but you'll certainly both feel much closer to one another as a result of this.

While all of this is beautiful and sweet, keep in mind that your ruling planet, Mars, is slowing down to a screeching halt on June 26. With Mars retrograde through August 27, you might notice some of your oomph slipping away, including your motivation to pursue that sexy someone on your radar. Indeed, this won't be a good time to begin any brand-new sexual relationships -- you're only likely to feel disappointed when you realize the two of you aren't truly a fit. The good news, however, is that Mars retrograde will be the cosmic chill pill you need to calm down enough to view things with true perspective. You'll see what you can do to reinvent your contribution to society, as well as your dreams and goals in order to be the best partner you can be.

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