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Capricorn Love Horoscope for June 2018

You get what you give

You might feel as though you've won the lottery when it comes to love and pleasure this month. Venus will move into your 8th House of Shared Resources on June 13 and remains here through July 9. With Venus in the area of your chart that rules your partner's money, as well as shared intimacy, it can be a fabulous time of enrichment for you and your lover. For starters, there is a very real chance that your mate will enjoy a boost in his or her income, which will obviously trickle down to benefit you in some capacity. Another possibility is that you'll make a mutual investment that offers you a glorious return that's even better than you imagined!

The best part about having Venus in the 8th house, however, is not even the financial benefit. It's about the potential you and your partner share now to explore the erotic depths of your feelings for one another in an environment that makes you feel safe and loved rather than vulnerable and insecure. Relationships are deepened when trust and intimacy prevail, Capricorn. This month, that is your blessing.

Adding to the mix is a Full Moon in your sign on June 28. This lunation will help you express your emotions in a way that is as real as it gets. Don't be stingy with your feelings. This is a month to be kind and generous all around. What you'll get in return is the grooviest kind of love possible.

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